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About Us

We produced our first EMS case in 1992. With our steady growth over the years we keep adding jobs for American workers and refining our manufacturing expertise. As the number of custom case products grows, so does our skills in innovation. Our longevity gives our customers a level of trust in knowing that they are dealing with a dependable manufacturing partner that will be able to meet their needs in the future.

Mission Statement

Our Customers

Our focus is first and foremost on our customers, those medical professionals whose commitment to excellence helps to protect us all. We will serve you by creating the finest products possible, at a fair price, and made in America.

Our Products

We pledge ourselves to design and produce the highest quality products possible. These products serve our customers, who depend on their reliable performance year after year. Our products are known for rapid designs, quick turn-time on orders, the highest quality, and are backed by a no “BS” warranty.

Our Production Team

We provide the loyalty and respect that our production team deserves. All of our products are produced right here in Colorado, by American citizens. We believe that the American worker is the finest in the world, second to none. We back that philosophy with the firm commitment to produce these fine products here at home, providing fair pay and opportunities for the folks right here at home in a time that finds many companies forgetting the American worker while they are focused on chasing profits at any expense.

And on that last note, we invite you to buy American from Colorado Cases and not from those other manufacturers who support foreign workers!